Methyl tert-butyl ether(Pharmaceutical Grade)
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Chemical name: Methyl( R )-2-[4-(3-chloro-5-trifluoromethyl-2-pyridyloxy)phenoxy]propionate
Molecular formula:  C16H13CLF3NO4
Structural formula:

CAS No.: 72619-32-0
Technical grade product:
Appearance: Light brown ropy liquid
Specification: Haloxyfop-R-Methyl 90% W/W TC
Packing: plastic drum,200kg net each.
Formulated product:
Appearance: Light brown uniform liquid
Specification: Haloxyfop-R-Methyl10.8%W/VECHaloxyfop-R-Methyl24%W/VEC
Packing: plastic Drums,200L each.0.5L-20Lfluorinated HDPE bottle.Other suitable packing can be adopted according to the requirements of customers.
Uses: Haolxyfop-R-Mehyl is a selective systemic post-emergent herbicide which can be absorbed by the leave,stem and root of weeds,and translocated throughout the plant.It is widely used to control a wide range of annual and perennial grass weeds in broad-leaved crops,such as legume,cotton, peanut,rape,and vegetables,etc.Using same dose,its efficacy is much better than haloxyfop and other herbicide of same family.

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