Methyl tert-butyl ether(Pharmaceutical Grade)
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Chemical name: fenitrothion 
Formula: C9H12NO5PS

Molecular Weight: 277.2
Properties: Industrial grade is brown yellow liquid with smell, B.P.140-145/0.1mm mercury column and decompound; vapor pressure (20) 1.35 0-4mm mercury columnR.D.(d425)1.32. Solubility: 30, 14mg/l in water, 20-25, carrene, methanol, dimethylbenzene >1000g/kg, stable in normal temp; Decompound and invalidation in high temp. and basic condition.
Dosage form : 50%EC
Target: Touch-kill and stomach poison; Suitable for rice stem borer, paddy borer, caterpillar grass leaf roller, rice leafhopper fly louse, paddy thrips, cotton aphid cotton red spider, cotton pink boll worm cotton bollworm cotton leafworm, soybean budworm, limabean pod borer tea caterpillar tea leafhopper peach budworm, apple small gypsy moth armyworm etc. Mainly used in rice snout moths larva.

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