Methyl tert-butyl ether(Pharmaceutical Grade)
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SHENZHEN AGRO HUNTER CO., LTD. was reorganized in 2005 from its predecessor,
General manager: Wang Jie
namely SHENZHEN OCT PRODUCTION MATERIALS CO., LTD. CHINA. Ever since 1991, SHENZHEN AGRO HUNTER CO., LTD. has been engaged in the import & export and domestic sales of crop protection products and chemicals. Since the latter half of 2006, we become much stronger than ever in the market, with the integration of Shandong Libang Chemicals Co., Ltd. -- the No. 1 producer of Methomyl, Thiodicarb and Oxamyl in China. With 15 years' development, the company has independently developed its own products including METHYL ROMIDE, FENITROTHION, MALATHION, PARAQUAT, HALOXYFOP-R-METHYL, IMIDACLOPRID, CHLORFLUAZURON, CARBOFURAN, CARBOSULFAN, CARBARYL, FENCLORIM, BUTACHLOR, ACETOCHLOR, PRETILACHLOR, FLUAZIFOP-P-BUTYL, FLUROXYPYR, DIQUAT etc. In addtion, we have established long-term cooperative partnership with many domestic pesticide manufacturers. Our products enjoy very competitive prices and can meet various requirements of customers. All the products are produced strictly according to the FAO standard. We can provide the customers with not only the most favorable prices, but aslo the best-quality products as well as all-round quality services.
In order to ensure the quickest shipments of goods, we have set up offices in main domesitc ports such as Shanghai, Tianjin and Guangzhou to meet the customers' urgent needs.
We have persons specially responsilbe for the pesticide registration which can be varied to meet the different needs of customers from different countries. We can provide the registration data such as prouducts analysis report, toxicological information and MSDS etc.
Upholding the tenent of "Greate value for customer with first-class quality", we are ready to cooperate and exchange ideas with both the domestic and overseas customers for mutual development!

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Plant growth regulator
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